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The queen has two birthdays.

The real one is April 21. The second is in the summer so there’s better chance of nice weather. Then the queen throws herself a parade.

I want two birthdays.

I know that I’m out of college.

I’m sure this is normal for previous generations.

But, our generation has so many open doors.

Lots of people seem to shut them.

They want marriage.

That is the big goal of life.

Doesn’t anyone see it crumbling around them.

Sure it’s fun.

It’s a fad.

But are you really ready to start the rest of your life now?

You haven’t seen the world.

You’ve passed up so many experiences.

But, your choice.

I hope you’re okay living with it.


So what are my plans for the weekend, you ask?

First off, thanks for asking.

I think I’ll watch the Breakfast Club followed by various other 80s movies. I suppose one could call it an “80s movie marathon.”

Oh and eat pizza. Eat lots and lots of pizza.