Don’t know what to do with the kid?

One word: TV. He’s not mine. I don’t care if his brain rots.

Sudden Realizations

An au pair is basically a stay at home mom.

My Focus List

I’m tired of passively watching TV. I’m tired of buying more and more things to fill my life and space. I want to have what I need, what I use. And I want the rest of my efforts to go to the the important parts of my life. As part of my journey, I made a list of the activities and skills I value or the ones I want to improve. This is my focus list. When I think it will be easier to just sit back and watch TV, I look at my list and remind myself how important it is to develop these skills. I want to develop a meaningful life. I don’t want to die with stuff, I want to die with fulfillment and happiness.

  1. Reading
  2. Blogging
  3. Exercise and Zumba
  4. French
  5. Family and friends
  6. Meditating

Researching Minimalism

The more research I do on minimalism, the more excited I get about this kinds of lifestyle. I want to know everything about it and how it has impacted people’s lives. Therefore, I have started looking for more blogs and a variant of bloggers. It has been far easier to find blogs written by males than those by females. I may have finally found one written by a female that I enjoy, The Minimalist Woman, but I still need to read some more before I decide if she’s worth following religiously.

One of my favorite blogs is the first one that sparked my interest, The Minimalists. I love The Minimalists because they encourage people to find the level that is right for them. Minimalism is all about living with what one needs and getting rid of excess so that material objects don’t rule one’s life. The Minimalists encourage people to live a lifestyle focused on the important aspects of life instead of material possessions. They realize that minimalism means different things for every person. Many other bloggers stress that minimalism is having the bare minimum possessions. Or that certain products are not what a minimalist should want.

After spending a few months thinking about minimalism and finding out more about it, I agree with The Minimalists. Minimalism isn’t about having as few possessions as possible, but it’s about focusing one’s life on the important parts not on the material objects. For me, minimalism is throwing out the clothes I haven’t worn for years and are just taking up space in my closet and the decorations or things that don’t have any real meaning to me nor display my personality and the important parts of my life. I am trying to watch less TV and get rid of distractions so I can spend my time doing more fruitful activities that will bring meaning to my life. 

The Single Easiest Habit Change to Improve Your Life Forever

I am very aware of how much television I watch. I hate myself after downing a bag of chips while passively watching a program on TV. As I alter my philosophy, I am trying to watch less television.

It has been a difficult task since I decided I’d like to live a more minimalist lifestyle. I am used to spending hours sitting around the TV with my family. Now, I have much more time on my hands. Often, I feel the urge to just sit and turn on the TV, but I have been forcing myself to engage in other activities. Ultimately, I would like to watch only an hour and a half of TV a day by the time I leave Australia. I will make more time every once in a while to watch a film, but I want to spend my time more productively doing activities that I love.


When I returned to the US, I realized how much extra stuff I have. My room is full of junk that just clogs my life. I don’t need it.

I thought this thinking was wrong— living out of a suitcase had changed my way of life. The number of items I owned was low. I knew each thing that was in my closet and in my cupboards. I felt proud of each of my possessions. While being home this summer, I was overwhelmed by all of the clothes hanging in my closet. I only wore the clothes I had in France— I just didn’t know what anything else went with. I helped my mom unload her decorations one day; it took four hours to go through pictures and paintings and even longer to decide where to hang everything. One day, I stumbled upon a website called The Minimalists. I was in awe and spent hours soaking up the articles. I had found someone else who had the same thoughts as me. Someone else who wanted to declutter all that extra junk from their lives. Since pouring through The Minimalists site, I found more people who live minimalist lives. I have even decided to embark on my own minimalist journey. I am starting by controlling what I buy. Sometimes I go to the mall just to browse and maybe buy something to fill a hole within me. But I am trying to redirect that energy into doing more fruitful things that actually make me feel fulfilled. I know that changing my behavior will not be easy, but in the end the lifestyle will be worth it.