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I know that I’m out of college.

I’m sure this is normal for previous generations.

But, our generation has so many open doors.

Lots of people seem to shut them.

They want marriage.

That is the big goal of life.

Doesn’t anyone see it crumbling around them.

Sure it’s fun.

It’s a fad.

But are you really ready to start the rest of your life now?

You haven’t seen the world.

You’ve passed up so many experiences.

But, your choice.

I hope you’re okay living with it.


So what are my plans for the weekend, you ask?

First off, thanks for asking.

I think I’ll watch the Breakfast Club followed by various other 80s movies. I suppose one could call it an “80s movie marathon.”

Oh and eat pizza. Eat lots and lots of pizza.

Fuming Angry

I hope this all makes sense. I have some things I need to get out.

I’ve been visiting Morocco for just a week. Sadly, the stereotypes are true. Men catcall and holler at the women, especially foreigners. Yes, all the time. Yes, it’s annoying. But, I can handle the catcalling. I can handle the stares. I can ignore it all.

Tonight, I had quite a different experience. The other two girls I am traveling with and myself went on a day trip to a small valley village. On this trip, we met a nice boy named Johan from, of course, Sweden. Johan has been in Marrakech on his own for 5 days. I thought he might like some company and invited him out for dinner and drinks with us. We had a grand evening. We ate delicious salads for dinner. Then continued to a bar, few and far between, for a drink. We enjoyed one drink and played some cards.

Around midnight, we parted ways. Johan’s hotel was one direction and ours the other— merely 4 blocks. A group of guys was nearing us on quite a busy street. They called to us, yelling, “Mademoiselles! Do you speak French?” (In French). We ignored them as that is usually the best option. As we passed them, one grabbed my boob and ran.

I was in shock. What the fuck just happened? When my brain caught up to the situation. I turned on my heel and yelled in a booming voice, “HEY! Don’t you dare touch me. Fuckers.” They were half a block or more away. Otherwise, I would have pursued them. I was fuming mad. Seriously?! I was wearing long jeans and a big sweater as well as a scarf. That is not at all “asking for it.” As some people would say.

The boys ran off laughing.

The boys ran off laughing.

As if it was okay to do such a thing. I am shocked to think it even is remotely okay anywhere. As a feminist, this place is draining. I have to keep all comments to a minimum. I’d rather say nothing then accidentally provoke something. But when something like grabbing or touching happens, it is unacceptable.

The other night, a man pulled over his motor bike to hit on us. Also on the bike, a two year old boy chanting, “I love you. Hahah.” If that child grows up under the influence of pigs such as this, how is this country supposed to move forward? What does that mean for future generations but the same repetitive behavior against women?